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Story House Hawaii is a full-scale production company. Our focus is unique content marketing and branding strategies.


We are listening. To you and your firm’s goals and desires. To the most efficient and current practices being utilized by tastemakers to execute brand development and strategies around the world. Then... we translate your story into a visually stunning, insightful and captivating campaign.


After consultation, we map out a plan for producing work that is right for you—with room for input from your top talent.


Think of us as your creative development team for marketing, sales and branding efforts. Whether we are producing top-tier video and/or print content, our knowledge of industry best practices sets us apart.


Our team is highly experienced in the following:

  • Video production

  • Content marketing

  • Commercials 

  • Magazines

  • Advertising creative

  • Web content creation

  • Image and brand development

  • T.V. show development

  • Event capture/production

  • Sales & Marketing materials, video and print

  • Web series

  • Locations

Principals Lance Jeffery and Brian Berusch have developed and executed top-tier video productions for national television networks, as well as print and digital content for leading media organizations worldwide. With nearly 40 years of media industry experience between them, the culmination has resulted in a network of the most talented content creators in the field today.

Brian Berusch: Principal

Writer - Producer




Lance Jeffery: Principal

Director - Producer




Lance Jeffery has worked as a director, producer and director of photography for nearly every major cable network including A&E, National Geographic, Discovery Channel and others. Having cut his teeth shooting hundreds of hours of docu-series television, Lance’s trained eye knows where to point camera in order to convey a message.

   Lance has utilized his wealth of experience in the documentary television genre and risen to the top of his field through his unique approach. At the end of the day, it is Characters and Story that will attract viewers—and determine the success of your program. Whether it's working as a director on "Pit Bullz & Parolees", a cinematographer on "Monster Garage" or the Director of Photography on "Gene Simmons Family Jewels", Lance has become one of the most sought after DP/Directors. He posseses a unique ability to connect with wonderful characters and tell their compelling story that a multitude of viewers can connect with.

   His work has taken given Lance a front row seat to some of the most fascinating and intriguing images on the planet. From the beauty of a sunrise on the flight deck of an active-duty U.S. aircraft carrier, or the heartfelt reunion between a newly crowned Kentucky Derby champion and his trainer, Lance thrives while capturing these moments.

   Expanding his production experience, Lance returned home to open a production office in Hawaii, which has quickly become one of the most successful event production companies in the state. 





Brian Berusch is a teller of stories. Many of his creative works have appeared in the world's leading consumer magazine—Town & Country, Wine Enthusiast, Departures, Travel + Leisure, Sunset and more than a dozen others. From the onset, what separated him from others was his ability to switch modes from one "beat" to another. From the backcountry ski and mountain climbing world, to world-class spas; discussing the nuances of winemaking with a master sommelier came as naturally as foraging for truffle and tasting olive oil in a remote forest in Croatia. Two days spent with Sir Anthony Hopkins discussing the origins of his artistry was equally as thrilling as living on the beach in Thailand with "homeless" teenagers who taught rock climbing for food money. 

   Whether bedding down on a $40,000-a-day private island retreat or transcribing the memoir of a world-renown hotelier, Berusch is a master conveyor of ideas born of raw emotion. He is a storyteller, in the most modern sense.

   He has consulted for some of the leading brands in hospitality and media now counting the titles of Publisher, Producer, Screenwriter and on-air correspondent for NBCs The Today Show, he’s also attained success in the digital, print and brand strategy worlds. 

   Berusch is as comfortable paddling into overhead waves as he is wearing couture suits and interviewing world leaders on the deck of a legendary yacht in the Mediterranean (feel free to ask him that story); yet finding the magic within every story is where he thrives. 




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